Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: RAWHide gives me an error message something about %RHC_DB%. What is causing this?

A: One of two things can cause this. One is if you do not have administrator rights when you install RAWHide and the other is if you are using Vista. In both cases, an environmental variable RHc needs to be set is not. In the case of Vista, a Full Reboot is required due to a Microsoft bug. After the reboot, RAWHide should work fine. In the case of administrator rights, The only solution right now is to install RHc with the admin privileges.

Q: RAWHide gives me an error "This application has failed to start...", What is going on?

A: If you get this error after trying to load the latest version of RAWHide...

Failed To Load...

... If you are running XP or Vista please download and install the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5.2. The .net framework is actually a good thing to have anyway just for the sake of compatiblity.

You may also need to download and install the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 or Later (link to .net 4.5.2)

Q: What is a RAW file?

A: See this page.

Q: RAWHide reports the wrong lens, Can this be fixed?

A: (This is one of those undocumented features) Many lenses use the exact same Lens ID number (for example #24). If you go to the Help Menu you will see "Edit Lens Database" this should work if you have excel or some other program that is associated with .csv files - otherwise you will need to edit it manually with a text editor.
You will notice that there are several lenses with #24. Simply edit the list so your lens is the first one with its LensID (actually so Your lens has the lowest SubID in the column after the LensID). You will find your lens data file by cutting and pasting the following into Windows Explorer.


Make sure you let me know if there are any missing lenses. And please note, that the database gets rewritten every time an update of RAWHide is installed. So make sure you backup your changes.

Q: How do I save my photos as Tiffs with RAWHide?

A: The images are actually converted to tiff via the batch queue engine, So to "save" your images, from the menus, select "Batch Queue -> Start" or "CurrentPhoto -> Send to Editor"... 

Q: I can only find a Windows version of RAWHide. Are you going to make a Mac or Linux version?

A: As the old saying goes... "You got to start somewhere!" In this case I have chosen to start with the Windows platform for several reasons. First and foremost, It is the system I use day in and day out - not because it is the best, but because it is the most available. Something like 90% of the worlds PCs run Windows. Second, Rawhide is not being developed by a company with rooms full of professional programmers. I'm developing RH in my spare time and I am NOT a professional programmer and it has been hard enough to learn to develop code for one system, let alone one or two others.

This is not to say I will never entertain porting RHc to the Mac or Linux. I will just have to wait a while... Sorry!