Luminance Noise Reduction:

RAWHide now features a simple but effective wavelet based Noise Reduction routine that effectively removes "iso-noise" while preserving most real image detail. This code was written by scratch and is not based on any existing code or PhD authored math papers (which I wouldn't be able to understand anyway). Rather, it is based on my "natural" understanding of wavelets. The idea is not to achieve miracles, but rather to get improved results. For miracles I would suggest one of the fancy aftermarket Noise Reduction PhotoShop add-ons. However, As the actual screen shots below reveal, excellent results are possible. Results are applied and tuned via three simple slider controls that control the Strength of the NR effect, the “radius” of the noise frequency to reduce, and a “threshold” of contrast in which not to apply the effect. BTW - By default NR is turned off in RAWHide. 

100% Crop without NR100% Crop with Lum NR
No NRWith NR
LX1 w/no NRLX1 image with NR

200% Crop without NR

No Noise Reduction

200% Crop with NR

With Noise Reduction

Chroma Noise Reduction:

RAWHide also now features a new Chroma Noise Reduction routine that effectively removes "chroma (color) noise" while preserving image detail. This code was also written by me from scratch. Controls are simply Strength and Radius. Be careful as too much radius could result in grey boarders around areas for greatly different hues. Once again, the idea is not to achieve miracles, but rather to get improved results. The results... Here is an ISO 6400 image... Notice that the color "splotches" (esp. in the black/grey/white areas) are gone!
100% Crop without Chroma NR100% Crop with Chroma NR
Chroma NR Off
Chroma NR On

200% Crop without NR

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