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Release Notes: v0.93.011 (09DEC2016)
Release Notes: v0.93.009 (06DEC2016)
Release Notes: v0.93.002 (05DEC2016)
Release Notes: v0.92.002 (20JUL2015)
Release Notes: v0.92.001 (18JUL2015)
Release Notes: v0.91.003 (16JUL2015)
v0.89.001 (16NOV2011)
v0.88.001 (25FEB2011)
v0.86.001 (16FEB2011)
v0.85.001 (09FEB2011)
v0.81.001 (03FEB2011)
v0.71.001 (05JAN2011) v0.70.001 (23DEC2010) v0.63.001 (16DEC2009) v0.62.001 (07DEC2009) v0.61.001 (07NOV2009) v0.60.001 (31JUL2009) v0.55.002 (13MAY2009) v0.55.001 (06MAY2009) v0.51.003 (22APR2009) v0.51.002 (21APR2009) v0.51.001 (09APR2009) v0.50.003 (25MAR2009) v0.50.002 (18MAR2009) v0.50.001 (16MAR2009) v0.46.003 (22FEB2009) v0.46.001 (22FEB2009) v0.45.001 (15FEB2009) v0.41.005 (23DEC2008) v0.41.004 (09DEC2008) v0.41.003 (06DEC2008) v0.41.002 (05DEC2008) v0.41.001 (30NOV2008) v0.40.007 (27NOV2008) v0.40.006 (25NOV2008)
v0.40.005 (20NOV2008)
v0.40.004 (19NOV2008)
v0.40.003 (18NOV2008)
v0.40.002 (16NOV2008)
v0.40.001 (15NOV2008)

21SEP2008 (v0.31.004)

20SEP2008 (v0.31.003)

10SEP2008 (v0.31.002)

03SEP2008 (v0.31.001)

22AUG2008 (v0.30.007)

19AUG2008 (v0.30.006)

18AUG2008 (v0.30.005)

15AUG2008 (v0.30.004)

18APR2008 (v0.24.003)

* Improved an issue where some threads were not working correctly on multi core processors
* Changed the installer to allow RAWHide to be install on Windows 2000
* Changed install to require .net framework 2.0

19FEB2008 (v0.24.002)

* Fixed a problem that caused first time users to experience a crash as RH was starting.

19FEB2008 (v0.24.001)

* Added support for the Sony DSLR-A200.
* Added tentative support for the Sony DSLR-A300. (Not tested but it should work)
* Improved some error handling.

06FEB2008 (v0.23.001)

* Added tentative support for the Sony DSLR-A350. (Color might be off slightly)
* Made some changes to the layout of the controls.

05FEB2008 (v0.22.001)

* Much Improved Stability!
o Corrected numerous places where available error checking was not implemented.
o Weeded out many bugs and errors.
o Added error checking and some new exception trapping.
* All new "Fast" Demosiacing Routine, This routine gives high quality results only slightly lower then those of the ACC routine but is very very fast.
* Enhanced the speed and tweaked the quality of the ECW routine.
* Moved the "Save Image Settings" and "Load Image Setting" buttons into the menu making more room for the EXIF pane.

04FEB2008 (v0.21.001)

* The batch processing completely reworked and is now done in its own process instead of a thread. This should have the following advantages...
o Greatly improves the reliability of the Batch Queue.
o Greatly reduce the "disappearing" crashes due to memory allocation errors from single process memory limits.
* Fixed a problem in which certain settings based on camera settings were not reflected in the controls.
* Updated the user guide - slightly...
* Reduced the install package size slightly (One less dll)

02FEB2008 (v0.20.009)

* Fixed a problem with "Send to Editor" where the raw image was not being processed with the current settings
* Fixed a problem in which setting the EV slider could result in a crash.
* Improved the speed of the ACC routine by about 10%.
* Fixed a couple other problems that caused exceptions to be thrown from time to time.

30JAN2008 (v0.20.008)

* Greatly reduced RAWHide's memory consumption. This should also make RAWHide more stable when working with large (i.e. a700) raw images. This could mean as much as 600 megabytes less memory being consumed for 12Mp images! (and there is still room for more improvement.)
* Corrected an problem where RAWHide would not run properly after the install. (Users got a "not properly configured" error.)
* Improved some of the GUI logic.
* Slightly improved processing speed.

29JAN2008 (v0.20.007)

* Fixed problem with the rendering of ECW routine on certain dark images cause by raw data with a "zero" value (caused what looked like "hot pixels").
* Corrected a problem with UI logic that caused certain changes to white balance settings to not be stored correctly.
* Fixed a problem in which rapid changes to the image settings would cause further changes to not process.

28JAN2008 (v0.20.006)

* Fixed problem in which initial settings made and "saved" where not being retained.
* Fixed some issues with removing files from the current session list.
* Improved the rendering of ECW routine on certain dark images.
* Fixed an issue with the "add" session menu selection in which duplicate images would be listed.
o RAWHide will now only list the same file one time.
* Improved the robustness of some internal routines.

22JAN2008 (v0.20.005)

* Updated the rest of the Demosiac Routines for faster previews.
* Corrected the form's title to reflect the correct version.

21JAN2008 (v0.20.004)

* Fixed a bug that caused RAWHide to throw an exception error on startup if it was started by double-clicking a raw file.

21JAN2008 (v0.20.003)

* Vastly improved Preview and Update speed
* New Batch Processing Handling
* UI Bug fixes
* Tweaked a700 exposure for images over ISO 100
* Improved panning to edges

10DEC2007 (v0.11.005)

* Corrected some issues that caused the previous build to crash, esp. with large RAW files.
* Improved exposure of a700 images taken above 100 ISO. (Raw Image Data above 100 ISO are about one stop too dark.)
* Corrected "Selected Point" WB issue for some cameras.

09DEC2007 (v0.11.004)

* Continued internal coding changes to enable fast previews - Users will not notice these changes or any speed improvements at this time. This release is only to ensure these changes have not introduced new bugs by allowing users to test...

04DEC2007 (v0.11.003)

* Revised, corrected, and substantially added to the Alpha mount lens database.
* Added a "Lookup Lens on" menu pick. This allows users to see details about their lenses on the Dyxum database.
* Started internal coding changes to enable fast previews - Users will not notice these.

24NOV2007 (v0.10.035)

* Fixed at least one big cause of the "LoadTiffImage" Exception that was plaguing many.

22NOV2007 (v0.10.034)

* Increased Vista compatibility.
* Added better Exception Handling and Thread Safety
* Generally increased Robustness.

21NOV2007 (v0.10.032)

* Fixed a problem in which users without a drive D:/ were crashing out on startup.
* Changed an installer setting to (hopefully) fix a Vista loading issue.

21NOV2007 (v0.10.031)

* Added some additional Exception Handling (To debug a user problem)
* Made the menus a bit more "traditional" (User Suggestion)
* Added the "Auto Process" check box. When checked, RAWHide will not wait for the user to click the Row Header when a setting is adjusted. (User Feedback)
* Added a missing lens to the Alpha Mount database.

20NOV2007 (v0.10.030)

Initial Alpha Release.