Since 1999, showing off Photos and Giving Advice.

Telescope Advice

One of the leading telescope buying advice pages on the internet. Learn the things to look for and the pitfalls to avoid when purchasing your first (or second) telescope.

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Astronomy by Frank

My adventures in the universe of astronomy. Links, Astrophotography, New, and more. The page is mostly outdated but is still a fun trip down astro-memory lane!

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AstroPhoto Gallery

My attempts at the most difficult form of Photography. Hampered by light pollution and the cloudy Great Lakes region, I have still managed to take a few "keepers".

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Beginners Guide

A Beginners Guide to Astrophotography. This page is greatly outdated and much advice dates back to the film era, but still has some relevant points.

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RAWHide Converter

My professional level RAW image photo conversion software. Simply The Highest Quality RAW Image to TIFF Conversion is the goal. Try it and see if you like it.

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Raw File FAQ

This FAQ addresses some of the more common questions about Bayer Patterns and RAW camera image files. Helps people to understand that digital cameras do not see the world the way you might think.


My Spot Blog

The ramblings and sometimes useful advice of the owner. Computers, Fruit, Weather, DIY Projects, and other interesting and not so interesting stuff. Geeks and Visitors are welcome to give it a look.

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KidLens - My Photography Gallery Site. Highlights some of my best  photos taken over the decades. From landscapes to weddings, Friends to art shots, Aircraft to Flowers and a few ducks in between.

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Links and live satellite  images. Includes forecasts for places of importance to me and some unique weather resources. Also see data from my personal weather station and NOAA.

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India 2003

A few of my pictures and images from a 2 week trip to Chennai India in July 2003. Saw many interesting people and places. Even got a couple of popular web photos.

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Ireland 1998

Some Web Cam shots captured from "The Irish Times" webcam all the way back in 1998. The O'Connell Bridge in Dublin, Ireland. This webpage is in the same form it was in 1998.

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Image Tips

Tips on Images for Web Pages. This might be my very first web page ever and it dates back to at least the 1990's. Retains that 1998 web page style & the info is still useful.

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International Convention - 2003

Photos From the JW 2003 International Convention in Mexico City, Mexico.

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Maddie Cow

The international adventures of Maddie Cow. Complete with leather backpack and a micro size passport.

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CZ 2004

Photo Gallery of our 2004 trip to Prague, CZ. Includes views of what we call Paradise the Beta version.

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Washington DC - 2005

Photo Album of Highlights from our trip to Washington DC in April 2005.

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Photo Gallery

(OLD) This links to my old photographic gallery of images. This is now replaced by my site, but I have left the links here for the sake of nostalgia and to make sure internet search engines can still index these photos.

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